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Welcome to the Anomaly Adjustment Agency

When things go bump in the night, we bump back.

For whatever reason, you have been chosen to join the front lines in the battle against darkness and fear. Your job will be difficult, hazardous, and thankless, but it must be done. Unlike many government agencies, ours is led by a few simple guidelines.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Anomalies have been with humanity throughout its history, and humanity has fought back against them since man first walked upright. Looking at the sweep of history, humanity’s brightest hours have been when it took an assertive approach to Anomalies, and the darkest times have been when the Anomalies had the upper hand. Some may say that humanity should be made aware of Anomalies, but the historical record does not support their position.

For this reason alone, The AAA must operate as clandestinely as possible. Citizens must not be made aware of the Anomalies in their midst. While Bliss Teams are prepared to deal with unavoidable exposure, it is best if citizens are not exposed to the Anomalies around them.

Many of the law enforcement officials you deal with will have been briefed on the importance of cooperation with the Agency, but some will certainly resist your authority. As the Agents on the ground, you may use your discretion to deal with uncooperative individuals as you see fit.

Adjustment, Not Assassination

Many Anomalies such as the Undead are wholly incompatible with humanity, and must be destroyed on sight. Others such as Wizards and Quasi-Humans can find a productive place in (or on the margins of) society, if they are willing to abide by our restrictions. The ultimate verdict must be made by the Agency, but the Agent on the ground has broad leeway as to the short-term treatment of the Anomaly in question. Considerations include the likelihood of exposure, the cooperativeness of the Anomaly, the ability to assimilate, and the propensity for violence.

Remember: The Agency exists to keep the citizenry unaware of Anomalies. While we do not seek to destroy all Anomalies, many times there is no alternative.

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Main Page

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