Bliss Teams

“Ignorance is bliss”

Bliss Teams are the cleaners of the Agency. They ensure that any exposure of Anomalies is contained or explained away.

Bliss Teams first segregate any witnesses from each other and from the public. They then interview at length, while investigating the witness’s past for any clues on how to handle them. Typical approaches to witnesses include the following:

  • Asking them to be quiet for national security reasons.
  • Threatening them with violating national security violations for talking.
  • Ridiculing their story publicly.
  • Introduction of certain pharmaceuticals which distort and obfuscate the memory.

Rarely, more extreme actions must be taken, but only with the full approval of the Agency.

In rare instances when a witness has proven their ability and willingness to engage the Anomaly, he or she may be asked to join the Agency.

In addition, Bliss Teams investigate and track any injuries caused by certain Anomalies, in order to prevent outbreaks.

Bliss Teams

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