Anomaly Adjustment Agency

The Anomaly Adjustment Agency is a small organization buried in the bureaucracy of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) of the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States. It draws money from the INS (labeled “Alien Audit Agency”, but is directed by the higher echelons of the DOJ.

History of the Agency

Various organizations and individuals have taken the fight to the monsters who have plagued humanity since the dawn of time. The first United States Federal organization was founded by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, partly as a means to employ out-of-work soldiers, and partly as a way to fight back against the creatures who were preying on unprotected families whose men were off to war.

The early iterations of the Agency have operated pretty much continuously since then, often changing titles, locations, and bureaucracies, until some time in the early 1970s. For reasons unknown, but possibly out of concern that the Agency and its mission would be made public, the Agency was disbanded and all of its records shredded at some time during the Nixon administration.

Partly because of the rise in Anomaly-related violence and sightings, and partly because a number of former Agents came out of hiding to address the president-elect, the Reagan administration moved to re-establish the Agency as soon as it took office. The alleged Hinckley assassination attempt by a minor Vampire was seen by many as proof that the country needed the Agency.

Current Operations

As a new but small organization, the Agency has just selected its first team of Agents, and is still in a building phase. Much of the institutional knowledge of the Agency has been lost to the shredder, but steps are being taken to bring many of the old Agents in for debriefing and lectures to the new personnel.

The Agency operates entirely clandestinely, and is completely unknown to the outside world. Steps are being taken to maintain operational security, and to cover whatever exposure may occur.

Anomaly Adjustment Agency

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